About the Artist

Tracy grew up in the small town of Centerville, California. Surrounded by oak trees and wildlife on a ranch nestled beneath the Sierra Nevada foothills, she developed an appreciation for the quietude of nature and expressive potential of visual art early on.

Tracy is currently a freelance illustrator and designer as well as the Executive Director of Arts Visalia Visual Arts Center located in Visalia, CA.

About the Art

Through allegory and cultural mythological cues, Tracy gives visual voice to states of emotional being that are not easily put into words.

Tracy focuses on the expressive use of line in her work. Her depictions of figures, animals and natural phenomena draws from her early years where she found that relating to the natural world around her was preferable to the constructed world of cities, schools and social circles. In the quiet relationships that she formed with the natural world, Tracy found a view into inner life that she wants to share with others through her art.



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